Learn from the personal experience of an international journalist

Today the role of a journalist, has changed so much that even Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent left the most famous newspaper in Metropolis to become a blogger. That is the new editorial line marked for this popular DC Comics character that reflects the great change that this profession is suffering.

I’m not a journalist or programmer, maybe developer, but without being one i can see how journalists have to deal with the technology that we put at they disposal.

David Arraézis responsible for the CyberDiario the technology section of the Diario de Mallorca and is also an active blogger for Gadget & amp; PC and for various blogs in the US. David will share with participants his personal experience and how without knowing programming or having to learn it has managed to change the bracket for his texts and stories. Where beyond the bracket a journalist of today must learn how to use the tools offered by technology and one of them is WordPress.

Do not miss his talk “De journalist blogger for the paper web and the world “.

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