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The unique, original and local flavor of Peplemon in WordCamp Mallorca


Peplemon is a local 100% natural lemonade. Mallorcan lemons make Peplemon a local and unique drink for both its taste and its soul. Packaged in Petra Amadip Esment, an organization that working for the quality of life and equality of opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities.

The bottle has a retrievable design that means it can be reused once enjoyed.

100% Lemon, 100% natural, 100% local, and the best drink to enjoy a local and social event as it is the WordCamp Mallorca.

Peplemon collaborates with WordCamp Mallorca offering its attendees to enjoy their fantastic elixir between talk and talk. But there is more, along with Gin Xoriguer Peplemon recently launched a mixture PepXoriguer well known in the sister island of Menorca and love by everyone. If you attend the event you can enjoy a tasting of PepXoriguer at the Grand Hotel Coffee CaixaForum at the end of the event. Sign up now so you can attend the best talks of the year related to WordPress and also enjoy Peplemon.

Buy your tickets here!

“Powered by WordPress” in Mallorca

One of the data that has been given in the last WordCamp Europe was that 23% of the Web, the Wordl Wide Web, the web pages on the internet, that 23% use WordPress.

As a curiosity I did a search for “powered by WordPress” + Mallorca, the result of 386,000 links. It is not easy to know how WordPress are installed or are used in Mallorca since servers are not usually on the island, but this little phrase allows us to do a simulation.

Since long time companies stopped hide or remove this phrase from their sites, but still many do it, this phrase is a contribution to the community so do not delete it, you can change it by the WordPress logo or “proudly powered by WordPress. ”

So, what do you think should be the Catalan version of this phrase?

Stand up and Programme

Sitting at the computer for hours, breaking the head to write, program or design. Hours, hours and hours.
Physical Health and sedentary lifestyle is a talk that many think does not fit into a WordCamp, a “technological” event, but the reality is that physical health is forgotten in the in the technological world. Our concentration and analysis is closely linked to how we sit, how long we sit.
Surely you have not noticed but many of us who work typing off the computer screen do apnea, stop breathing unconsciously, which subsequently affects sleep, lung capacity, but more than anything our brains.
It is also very common for those engaged in work at a computer have little to do with sports, but with the time less and less. To this must be added the stress which affects beyond our working life.

Oddly enough, the work of most programmers and designers is to make life easier for people, applications, information sites, an understandable design, but at the same time while improving the lives of others neglect ours. For this and many other reasons from the @WordCampPMI have contacted Antonio Tugores , teacher trainer of Escuela Internacional de Yoga. His experience and knowledge will help attendees better understand his talk the importance of respecting our body to be more efficient and improve our quality of life.

“Round” Table Bloggers

The table wiil be round , for the excellent diversity of its participants, its high experience in the field and the level of each of them as bloggers.

We will count, in the last session of WordCamp Mallorca 2014 with a set of ‘native’ celebrity bloggers, Marta Simonet be present (from ), Jordi Bayona (the blogdiario of ) Tomeu Fiol (founder of Petit Tourism ), Jorge Morell ( ), Jesús Cortés ( ), Gonzalo Coterillo of Draghut Communication and moderated by Miguén Angel Payeras (from ).

All renowned bloggers of our island, contributing part of their experience, their knowledge and their different views on the exercise of blogging from Mallorca to the world.

Is about language or words

Just recently WordPress released his version 4.0, this new version have the option to choose which language you want to make your WordPress installation.

wordpress-installation with this new option you can start working with the environment in the language that you use.

However, what happens when we have more than one language? resort to plugins.

For this and many other reasons, in the WordCamp Mallorca you have the opportunity to attend a talk by Amit Kvint from the company OnTheGo Systems, creators of the famous WPML plugin ; the most widely used to make our sites a multilingual place.

To attend this talk don’t forget buy your ticket to reserve your place. Hope to see you there!

Now you can register in the first WordCamp Mallorca

To purchase your pass must register on this page http: //es.2014.mallorca / tickets / which allows the purchase of the tickets.

By purchasing the ticket aid the organization of YOUR event, also with your ticket will get a shirt with the logo of the event this year:

Camiseta WordPress Mallorca 2014

Tickets are limited to the capacity of the room so we recommend not waiting until the last day.

Soon more information about the event, program and speakers.