“Round” Table Bloggers

The table wiil be round , for the excellent diversity of its participants, its high experience in the field and the level of each of them as bloggers.

We will count, in the last session of WordCamp Mallorca 2014 with a set of ‘native’ celebrity bloggers, Marta Simonet be present (from ), Jordi Bayona (the blogdiario of www.jordibayona.com ) Tomeu Fiol (founder of Petit Tourism ), Jorge Morell (www.terminosycondiciones.es ), Jesús Cortés ( cafeymas.net ), Gonzalo Coterillo of Draghut Communication and moderated by Miguén Angel Payeras (from www.miguelangelpayeras.com ).

All renowned bloggers of our island, contributing part of their experience, their knowledge and their different views on the exercise of blogging from Mallorca to the world.