This are the speakers that will participate in the first edition of Wordcamp Mallorca 2014:

David Arráez

It is a technology freak since, as a boy, he smashed his mother made ​​their first vacuum cleaner robot to order his room. He was unsuccessful, but since then he has continued to try and experiment with any gadget that gets within range. Although he says, what he really loves to write about technology in a form as close to his own mother would understand. Founder of the blog href=”http://usuarioarraez.com” usuarioarraez.com is also responsible for the Cyberdiario, the technology section of Diario de Mallorca, and is also published in a dozen other newspapers of the group Editorial Prensa Ibérica throughout the national territory. In his free time he has said that he can be seen in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York or some remote Asian factory all depends on where the news is. He is also a contributor to the magazine Gadget & amp; PC and various blogs both here and in the US. His latest venture: Youtube.

Toni Camps

I was born in Pollença in 1972 and studied journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. But la roqueta throws a lot, so I went back to start working as a journalist at Diario de Mallorca. Three years after many words, pictures and models in all sections of the newspaper (excluding qualifiers), I decided that I needed to focus my efforts towards a passion that I always wanted to practice: cinema. So, as I am not a good actor or director and screenwriter worse, I studied cartoons in Universitat de les Illes Balears. Hence, to tinker with the Flash was a step, and they were still taking advantage of the few who did, got into the Web department in Clave Publicidad as editor and multimedia content developer.

Meanwhile (you can not change passion) wrote about cinema in Aficine magazine and worked in various radio programs (Onda Cero, Ona Mallorca and Ràdio IB) with which I was fortunate to go to cover the Venice Film Festival.

Then came the crisis, cuts and the drama of lose a fixed salary every month. But the difficulties are always a chance, so was born Useixantaquatre , a personal portfolio with a single goal: keep working and growing.

Was year 2009 and the Flash was already dead, so I had to be recycled. Unravel the secrets of WordPress and his structure became the best way to continue in this profession and live on it. Today, thanks to this great CMS, I have re-entered the business world as a web developer in Communication Dragut. I’m taking some courses and collaborating with film magazines online and offline, always continue writing about films, but above all, work with WordPress, still much to develop.

His twitter: @quemaldad.

Miquel Ferrer Amer

Telematics student in Universitat de les Illes Balears and independent web developer. Currently working on the design of ProAndroid and systems management, I am also working on smaller projects, but always with WordPress.

Born in 1994 I can look like a child, but always try to do my best to show that young people also know about this, my portfolio is not extensive and my fee schedule either, but, in my point of view, the experience is not based on a fee schedule or URLs.

Antonio Tugores Vázquez “Ghimel”

Director of the Escuela internacional de Yoga Mallorca, located in palma; Yoga teacher trainer.

¿A Fortuitous done? I guess like many people in this life my career changed radically after an accident which forced me to visit the hospital for paraplegics in Toledo, where I remained five months… 10 years of therapies, massages, osteopaths, operations… from this experience, I focused health from a different perspective and it was through the practice of Yoga that i found an holistic health for humans.

So in 2001, I started training in “Soaham” Integral Yoga School, which no longer will never end. In 2003 I was Director of the Centre of Yoga “Soaham Manacor.” In 2004 I rode my own Yoga center in Palma de Mallorca, and delegation “Witryh” integral yoga school. In 2007 I established myself as an independent center “Mediterraneo School of Yoga” and also finished training as a Yoga Teacher Trainer for the “Witryh” school.

Since 2004 I collaborated in the creation of the Spanish Federation of Yoga Satsanga, participating in the coordination of several national conferences (Mallorca 04 Jaca 05, Málaga 06 and Lleida 07) and in 2006 to 2007 I became president of the Federation.

Powered by my deep concern to evolve and integrate into my new training perspectives and experiential knowledge, my life and my practice of Yoga got a great roll with the beginning of 2008 it is precisely in 2008 when attending a training course with Godfrey Devereux (introducer Dynamic Yoga in Europe) and complete a major stage in my training. It was a time of important changes renewed horizons and work with people who took my experience to more advanced levels. This new direction also broke with all the above and undertake new projects, among which the opening of a new center of Yoga in Mallorca in close collaboration with the International School of Yoga, where I found affinity and common goals that will allow me to from now on, transmit and share my experiences and way of understanding Yoga.

Moreover, i share the proposed regularization of Yoga in Spain and union of different schools through the Spanish Federation of Professional Yoga and European Yoga Federation.


Miguel Angel Payeras

Associate Director in Deacorde Marketing and Chefs(in). Professor of the Master of Corporate Communication at the University of the Basque Country. Develop his career in marketing and strategic communication. He is a WordPress user since 2005 www.miguelangelpayeras.com . His twitter is: malabache

Moderator in the Round Table “blogging from Mallorca”.

Juanjo Buendía

ACoPuO Director (Communications and Advertising On-line Agency) and one of the organizers of the Internet Fair; graduate in Journalism from the University of the Pais Vasco and a degree in Advertising from the University of Valladolid. His web is www.juanjobuendia.com and twitter: @ jjbuendia. Feels fortunate to have achieved that his hobbies are his profession.

Marta Simonet

Professional presenter, model, actress, synesthetic, ‘kitchenettes’, blogger, Mallorca lover and explorer of the nice things. My house fleet between class=”twitter misbambalinas. com and class=”twitter target=”_blank” mallorcamemarta.es My twitter is: martasimonet free

Takes part in the round table “blogging from Mallorca”.

Amit Kvint

He defined himself as a web designer and developer since 1998, being multilingual (Hebrew, English, Castilian, Arabic and a little more), the first multilingual web I did was in 2001 (then with Notepad & amp; for NetScape).

For 5 years I work exclusively with WordPress, I am the author of some issues, I do responsive themes for clients as a freelancer, I am native in language front-end (HTML, SASS & amp; CSS, jQuery, JavaScript) and management rather PHP.

I am part of the team OnTheGo Systems, specializing in WPML, I’m the Compatibility project team leader. Wear WpClases blog related to front-end design and web design in general.

I live near Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz), with my sweet family and other animals). My twitter is: amitkvint .

Jose Manuel Raya

Degree in Law and Labour Relations. Partner in charge of the entrepreneurs and ecommerce department DMS CONSULTING CEB. CEO of online business platform Comygo.es . Member of the Innovation commission at Mallorca Chamber of Commerce and contributor to the field of economics of the newspaper Ara Islands. Always learning from others and sharing what I know… now hooked to the world of e-commerce. His twitter is: jmrayadms free

Lecturer in the talk “eCommerce from Mallorca to the world.”

Melchor de Palau

National Account Manager of Commercia Global Payments, one of the largest companies in electronic transaction processing in the world. His twitter: @mdepalau.

Marco Fanton

Is the Head of Social Media at Meliá Hotels International. With over 14 years of experience marketing and developing on the digital environments. Director of Marketing and online Developing at the Sol Melia Cuba, responsible for the online open source developing team, develop information architecture, user experience design, web design and development. In 2008 move to Palma de Mallorca, leading the online product development for Meliá Hotels International defining strategy of developing web-based products, SEO strategy and design the new melia.com webs and hotels brands.
From 2011 Marco is the Social Media Director at the Meliá Hotels International, responsible for the strategic development and implementation of all major social media initiatives for the Meliá Hotels brands globally.
Head of Social Media

Damian Suarez

It’s really a developer / programmer by vocation (Works for Automattic – creators of WordPress), who despite being born in a distant city in a small province of Argentina, without easy access to information technologies, always found a way to be close to his first love: computers. Until today can remember games such as Jet set willy, Camelot Warriors, Abu Simbel and many others; but what he remember most is program simple routines from Basic in his huge tk-90.

Fittingly defined as “The Grinder”, Damián continuous writing code from his remote location near the river, accompanied by his daughters, wife, cats and his dog.

His twitter is: @retrofox, and his website: retrofox.me.

Gonzalo Coterillo

Digital Manager & amp; CEO in Dragut Communication. Dragut brings Iberostar’s social media communication and blogs.

Take part in the round table “blogging from Mallorca”.

Jesús Cortés

Web Developer with artifices.net, coffee-addict cafeymas.net, member in @gsbitbalear. Incurable sick of Internet;-). My Twitter: @jescortes.

Takes part in the round table “blogging from Mallorca”

Jorge Morell Ramos

Lawyer, specialized in the area of new technologies; likes to read and analyze the terms and conditions.Web: www.terminosycondiciones.es. Su twitter es: @jorge_morell

Speaker in the Talk “eCommerce from Mallorca to the world.”

Tomeu Fiol

Social Media Manager in the family tourism portal: Tourism Petit, the only website based in Mallorca that offers Content Marketing advertising (content marketing), and creator of www.00podcast.es an special Podcast website, from a group of film enthusiastic taht have decided to share with everyone the movies they like and recommend.

Take part in the round table “blogging from Mallorca”.

Antoni Aloy

Manager in . Web project manager, Python, Django and agile methodologies oriented. Founder and code whisperer. Blog: Trespams.com/blog. Su twitter es: @aaloy.

Lecturer in the talk “WordPress Security and speed.”

Jordi Bayona

I was born and raised in Barceloneta of the hardest years. Obviously, that privilege guarantee my survival under adverse conditions. Because i not serve as pianist for brothel had to settle for journalism. I entered “Diario de Mallorca” as an editorial assistant and left as director. I apologize and I swear I will not do again. I participated in the progressive governments of the Balearic Islands but got out unhurt from it, only bruises. My blog is:
www.jordibayona.com and my twitter is: @JordiBayona

Takes part in the round table “blogging from Mallorca”.

Pedro Serrano

Throughout my work experience I have worked as administrative and commercial designer. Because my personal interests have always started own business projects together with other experts in their fields. In 1997, along with three other colleagues in the industry, we founded the company Digital Point devoted to graphic design. Later in 2009 I started a new project, “Picnic assorted ideas’ a company focused on creative communication strategies, getting further in the E-Marketing, Community Management and WordPress. Since 2012, became a freelancer with the project “Komunica” where apply all my experience of these years acquired in all fields, providing global solutions within the graphic and online world.

Some of my work: funactiv.com , fundacioniberostar.org ielectricamassot.com and cbba-online.com , among others. His twitter is @ siurell96 free

Speaker in the Talk “Accessibility for the disabled.”

Gabriel Perez

Programmer, systems administrator, entrepreneur and self-taught. Founder of monok.es and comygo.es; and a third project currently underway (33themes). His twitter is: @gabrielperezs.

Lecturer in the talk “WordPress Security and speed.”