The WordCamp will have different types of sessions during the two days of the event, on this way we can be, on the first day, several talks at the highest level, and the second day various workshops with experts in each topic.

Each of the sessions are aimed at all those who are already immersed in the exciting world of WordPress , and also for those who want to start their career in this wide world.

This are the defined sessions:

Friday, october 31
  1. Security: Ricardo Gallir and Gabriel Pérez
  2. Themes for publishers and newspapers.
  3. eCommerce & legality: DMS and
  4. Multilanguage: Ze Fontahinas and WPML (la idea es que venga alguien de OnTHeGoSystems)
  5. Bloggers y Agencias de contenido. Bloggeros locales especializados y relevantes, agencias locales.
  6. WP + Social Media
  7. Multisite y BudddyPress
Sabado, 01 de Noviembre
  • Creación Plugin de accesibilidad para discapacitados. Apoyado por CaixaForum y posiblemente Fundación Iberostar
  • Desarrollo de Temas, best practices.
  • Gestión de contenido
  • WordPress 101

Si deseas ver la programación detallada de cada sesión, pincha aquí.