Stand up and Programme

Sitting at the computer for hours, breaking the head to write, program or design. Hours, hours and hours.
Physical Health and sedentary lifestyle is a talk that many think does not fit into a WordCamp, a “technological” event, but the reality is that physical health is forgotten in the in the technological world. Our concentration and analysis is closely linked to how we sit, how long we sit.
Surely you have not noticed but many of us who work typing off the computer screen do apnea, stop breathing unconsciously, which subsequently affects sleep, lung capacity, but more than anything our brains.
It is also very common for those engaged in work at a computer have little to do with sports, but with the time less and less. To this must be added the stress which affects beyond our working life.

Oddly enough, the work of most programmers and designers is to make life easier for people, applications, information sites, an understandable design, but at the same time while improving the lives of others neglect ours. For this and many other reasons from the @WordCampPMI have contacted Antonio Tugores , teacher trainer of Escuela Internacional de Yoga. His experience and knowledge will help attendees better understand his talk the importance of respecting our body to be more efficient and improve our quality of life.