Tips for online selling from Mallorca

The roundtable eCommerce give attendees the vision of online business from 3 different angles. Jorge Ramos will help us with first hand legal information about the implications of the “terms and conditions Jose Manuel Raya contribute with his experience in facilitating the creation of online stores under the prism of total evolution in the platform, Melchor de Palau as he is part of one of the largest banks in Spain will help us to know what it takes to make and receive online payments.

This roundtable is suitable for all audiences, Pancho Perez will lead the speakers at the table on issues such as store management, payment gateways and legal aspects, and will give advice to anyone who wants to start on the world of online sales. Since not only physical products are being sold online is important to understand the ability of the eCommerce when you want to sell services, computer files, access to information or simply accept online payments.

If you’re planning on undertaking your own online store you can’t miss this talk. Do not forget to buy your ticket, and remember, we have limited capacity!