Volunteering at Wordcamp

There are always people who are excited about being able to help in organizing an event, however, many times do not know how…

We need people who want to help the WordCamp 2014 Mallorca as pleasant as possible, assisting in the in situ organization of the event, providing assurance that the space chosen for the event is always organized and configured as such, making sure all participants have the necessary and facilitating the registration process to the event; people helping all times making that WordCamp is a nice, organized and memorable experience.

How volunteering can have free access to the WordCamp , as long as your support as a volunteer is a minimum of 4 hours, if this is so, you will not have to buy a ticket to WordCamp; but you can always buy a ticket if you intend to also support the event.

This is your opportunity to volunteer, if you wish and want to collaborate, please complete the form below: