Can I use WordPress without programming?

That is the big question that every entrepreneur, SME, enterprise, editor, journalist, user or blogger usually does when choosing a technology for managing the content of a website, online shop or blog.

The answer, you can hear from Miguel Ángel Payeras socio-director de Chefs(in) innovative, striking and especially delicious idea. Where the energy of 50 Balearic gourmet chefs adds, convinced that together we are stronger.

Michelangelo will share with participants the Case Study on how to set up your website without technical staff, created the page with all the information they needed to communicate .

A great opportunity for fans to see the potential of WordPress and its plugins, specialized blogs but mostly in your community.

Do not miss this opportunity to hear this case study exportable to any SME or enterprise.

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Learn from the personal experience of an international journalist

Today the role of a journalist, has changed so much that even Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent left the most famous newspaper in Metropolis to become a blogger. That is the new editorial line marked for this popular DC Comics character that reflects the great change that this profession is suffering.

I’m not a journalist or programmer, maybe developer, but without being one i can see how journalists have to deal with the technology that we put at they disposal.

David Arraézis responsible for the CyberDiario the technology section of the Diario de Mallorca and is also an active blogger for Gadget & amp; PC and for various blogs in the US. David will share with participants his personal experience and how without knowing programming or having to learn it has managed to change the bracket for his texts and stories. Where beyond the bracket a journalist of today must learn how to use the tools offered by technology and one of them is WordPress.

Do not miss his talk “De journalist blogger for the paper web and the world “.

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REST-API, how to use the power of

One of the advantages of using WordPress is that major online services like also use the same code that we downloaded from to create our blogs, websites, ecommerce, forums, etc.

This relationship allows us through protocols or APIs to connect and apply the capabilities of our WordPress.

Damian Suarez,coming from Argentina to explain how this connection works, the level of this discussion is a little technical, but do not be led by it, the data that Damian will offer in his talk “WP.COM REST-API and wpcom.js“will allow you to have a bigger and powerful vision of what it is capable your projects or ideas.

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Content Curator?

Content Curator is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end users. Wikipedia

Besides offering endless information, internet also stuffs us with it, knowing how to choose the right content, implement the necessary SEO, consistent with our brand and consistent with the message to be transmitted is the key to winning readers that will return to stay longer and enjoy the content we offer.

Today, content is not just text, are also images, links and since some years more and more video.

If you are interested in being a good “content curator” do not miss the talk by Juanjo BuendíaQuality content in WP” a talk that not only offers the basics needed to use well the content that we create, will provide attendees a guidance to apply these concepts to our websites or blogs.

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Subjects, Themes, Templates. It is easy or not. By Toni Camps

Thanks to marketplace as or developers who have released or sold their Themes, that are available to us thousands of designs for our webs, stores, blogs, portfolios and other visual applications.

These WordPress Themes designs have helped many people, without any programming knowledge, to choose a design and in some cases, implement it on their own.

But, is as easy as you think?, Can anyone install a Preimum Topic?, should you use any?, Under what criteria should I buy it and at what price?

All these questions will be answered by Toni Camps in his talk “WordPress templates, easy design or not

If you want to know more about WordPress and the world of WordPress themes do not miss this talk and buy now your ticket, remember we have limited capacity!

Meliá Case Study, WordPress as AppEngine

Ok, WordPress is a CMS (content manager or content management sistem) to create websites and blogs. WordPress is basically a system to manage the content we publish, which users can use it, and many other parameters that needs to be managed within a website or a blog.

But what about WordPress as AppEngine?
Is using WordPress to manage anything other than blogs or websites, you can use WordPress as a backend applications that are running on other systems like facebook pages, which is the case of Melia, mobile applications or other platforms.
It is certainly not common but frequently used as a way to keep costs relatively low compared to using development from scratch and customized.

To illustrate this way of using WordPress in WordCamp Mallorca we have a very powerful and original case study, social media contests for Melia.

Marco Fantón, Social Media Director for MELIA will explain how to use WordPress in an innovative way as App Engine. They have created a platform based on WordPress Multisite for creating quizzes as social apps for customers, interact with them and reward them for their loyalty. Create campaigns using WordPress based webapps and reach users through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram is possible and Marco Fanton will tell us his experience.

In this gallery you can see the result of what manages the wordpress development of Meliá:

From Ibiza and Formentera comes Ritmocars, low cost online car hire service

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Tips for online selling from Mallorca

The roundtable eCommerce give attendees the vision of online business from 3 different angles. Jorge Ramos will help us with first hand legal information about the implications of the “terms and conditions Jose Manuel Raya contribute with his experience in facilitating the creation of online stores under the prism of total evolution in the platform, Melchor de Palau as he is part of one of the largest banks in Spain will help us to know what it takes to make and receive online payments.

This roundtable is suitable for all audiences, Pancho Perez will lead the speakers at the table on issues such as store management, payment gateways and legal aspects, and will give advice to anyone who wants to start on the world of online sales. Since not only physical products are being sold online is important to understand the ability of the eCommerce when you want to sell services, computer files, access to information or simply accept online payments.

If you’re planning on undertaking your own online store you can’t miss this talk. Do not forget to buy your ticket, and remember, we have limited capacity!

Marabans Coffee, unconditional fellow for programmers, designers and entrepreneurs

Marabans joins WordCamp Mallorca offering the best coffee to enjoy the day.

WordCamp assistants will enjoy Marabans Coffee & Tea prepared by his own coffee machine.


For this day full of information, data and experiences, Marabans will bring that extra energy that your brain needs.

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