The unique, original and local flavor of Peplemon in WordCamp Mallorca


Peplemon is a local 100% natural lemonade. Mallorcan lemons make Peplemon a local and unique drink for both its taste and its soul. Packaged in Petra Amadip Esment, an organization that working for the quality of life and equality of opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities.

The bottle has a retrievable design that means it can be reused once enjoyed.

100% Lemon, 100% natural, 100% local, and the best drink to enjoy a local and social event as it is the WordCamp Mallorca.

Peplemon collaborates with WordCamp Mallorca offering its attendees to enjoy their fantastic elixir between talk and talk. But there is more, along with Gin Xoriguer Peplemon recently launched a mixture PepXoriguer well known in the sister island of Menorca and love by everyone. If you attend the event you can enjoy a tasting of PepXoriguer at the Grand Hotel Coffee CaixaForum at the end of the event. Sign up now so you can attend the best talks of the year related to WordPress and also enjoy Peplemon.

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